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Eat to Nourish at UCSF Mount Zion

  • UCSF Mount Zion Campus (map)

Boost your confidence cooking nutritious and delicious meals that will support your health!

This fall, join UCSF dietitians Greta Macaire, MA, RD, CSO, Lisa Ploss, MPH, RD, CSO and health-supportive chef Carly Wertheim, MS for an interactive culinary nutrition series for cancer patients, survivors, and their families. This four week series will provide a foundation for cooking balanced, nutrient-rich meals to supplement treatment and optimize healing.

Through interactive nutrition education and demonstration based training, participants will learn how to transform fresh, whole foods into delicious meals. We will teach you the health benefits of the foods on the menu, empower you with new skills, and inspire you to eat vegetables by showing you the perfect ways to prepare them. This is nutrition education at its tastiest!

Learn, taste, and take action to find pleasure and strength through food.

September 12 - Eat the Rainbow
Did you know that the color of a food tells you a lot about its nutrition? Eating a variety of colors provides the body a diverse spectrum of phytonutrients (that’s Latin for “plant nutrients!”). Learn how phytonutrients help the body fight cancer and prepare plant-based dishes with all the colors of the rainbow.

September 26 - Plant Proteins
Plant-based proteins are affordable and ecologically sustainable foods that provide amazing nutrition. We’ll demystify cooking beans and lentils by making soups, salads, and more.

October 3 - Pantry Makeover
If a food comes in a package, you need to know what to look for. During this class you’ll learn how to avoid falling for marketing tricks, decipher ingredient labels, ditch the junk, and switch to better-for-you alternatives. Plus, take home recipes that feature wholesome pantry staples.

October 10 - Batch Cooking 101
Nutritious eating is all about preparation. In this class, we’ll cover the basics of meal planning and cook delicious, simple meals that can be batch-cooked for a week of eating. You’ll save money, time, and eat deliciously when you plan ahead.

This event is free for UCSF patients, caregivers, and survivors who have not previously attended this series. Pre-registration is required at or 415-885-3693. Please only register if you can make all 4 classes.