Carly Wertheim, Chef, Culinary Wellness Educator   

Carly Wertheim

Natural foods chef, culinary wellness educator,   sustainability advocate

A life-long food and wellness enthusiast, Carly brings her wealth of nutrition knowledge to the kitchen, where she guides her clients to create health-supportive meals that nourish the body and spirit. She is a candidate for a master's degree in Nutrition and Education from Columbia University and a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute’s Chef’s Training Program, where she trained to create whole, plant-based meals that maximize flavor and nutrition. Carly has worked in kitchens ranging from New York City's Gramercy Tavern, a Michelin-starred, farm-to-table restaurant, to California's Ceres Community Project, a NGO that delivers nourishing meals to cancer patients.

Carly's mission is to provide culinary inspiration and nutrition education to individuals looking to sustain or regain optimum health. Her clients include patients with cancer, diabetes, hypothyroidism, cardiovascular disease, depression, and digestive disorders like IBS, IBD, and SIBO, as well as those working to improve their energy, sleep better, and feel more vibrant. Carly also teaches classes and leads workshops throughout the New York and San Francisco Bay Area at schools, hospitals, and community centers like Mt. Sinai Roosevelt Hospital, Mt. Sinai Beth Israel, The JCC of Manhattan, Barnard College, PS 118 in Brooklyn.

Carly was inspired to attend culinary school after extensive self-study and experimentation with whole foods cooking in an effort to support her own health. Frustrated with conventional medicine’s recommendations for her IBS diagnosis, Carly turned to the kitchen to manage her symptoms through food. Through trial and error, she discovered how to use food as medicine, bringing her body back into balance by slowly modifying her diet. Knowing firsthand the difference that nourishing food has made in her life, Carly is passionate about helping others navigate the quest towards health and wellbeing.

Having majored in environmental science at Barnard College of Columbia University, Carly approaches cooking from a perspective that values and prioritizes sustainability. Her extensive knowledge of the local food shed in New York, background in sustainable agriculture, and home gardening hobby constantly inform and inspire her food choices. On the weekend, you can usually find her at the farmer’s market, batch cooking for the coming week, off on a hiking excursion, or daydreaming about vegetable gardens, redwood forests, and new recipes to try out for friends and family.