Kind Words

Carly has an uncanny ability to tune into her client’s needs and preferences to create delicious meals that both nourish and heal.
— Rebecca Katz, author of The Cancer Fighting Kitchen, The Longevity Kitchen, and The Healthy Mind Cookbook

Carly is a fantastic teacher. She has a delightfully pleasant, non-stressful approach to healthy eating and made the information and techniques fun as well as delicious. Her warm, enthusiastic manner, along with her amazing amount of information was truly wonderful and greatly appreciated!!!
— Allegra Levanne, New York City

Carly is truly incredible. I went to her because of some health concerns, and she was able to immediately identify the root of the issues as well as develop a food/lifestyle plan with me to address the problems I was having. After a week of using her recipes, suggested supplements, and plan, my symptoms cleared almost completely. Carly is also an amazing listener. I felt that I could be completely open about my experience with my symptoms, my diet and my lifestyle without feeling the least bit judged. Because I felt so comfortable being honest, Carly was able to see and treat me as a whole person rather than a set of symptoms.
— Olivia L., New York City

We are so grateful for the health and love that Carly puts into her dishes. From the menus and shopping to the final creation, Carly’s kindness permeates her process. Through her cooking, we learned the best ingredients for people with cancer and how to combine them into delicious meals. We are lucky to have found Carly.
— Jessica and Andrew B., San Francisco Bay Area

Carly was a godsend! I had been suffering from digestive issues for years and I thought it was “normal.” After discussing the issues with my doctor, he suggested that I follow a strict Low FODMAP diet, which sounded very challenging and intimidating. Fortunately, I found Carly – who is not only a wonderful Chef, but also a very qualified nutritionist. While her substantive training is beyond reproach, her interpersonal skills were equally as great, as she was very patient with me and educated me throughout the process. I never could have survived this very strict diet over the course of 5 months without Carly’s amazing understanding of my issues and her great cooking. After our time together, I feel amazing and I owe a tremendous thank you to Carly.
— Justin B., San Francisco

I hope you know how often we think of you and your delicious food. We learned so much from having you cook for us and credit you with the beginning of my healing!
— Liz H., New York City

Carly, thank you again so much for your work with the peer eds last night. A number of them stopped by today to say how much they enjoyed it, and how much they learned. You are such a talented and warm facilitator—it was a real pleasure to get to watch you work!
— Jessica Cannon, Director of Health Promotion and Education, Barnard College

This woman is a treasure. With her bubbly personality, Carly entertains and educates our kids while providing enough structure and firmness to keep them safe and focused. She has made sure to spark an interest in food to my passing staff while still having total control over her students. I for one am truly sad to not have her as our sole cooking teacher.
— Daphney Jean-Baptiste, Director of After School Programming, New York City PS 118

Every time I return home after eating Carly’s food, I try and add something new to my healthy eating repertoire! I wish all my patients could work with her. Thanks for the brilliant food.
— Aditya Khetan, MD, University Hospitals Case Medical Center

One of the best decisions I ever made was hiring Carly as a personal chef for our family. She is a truly gifted chef and has taught us so much about how food affects our overall health. We all noticed marked improvements in sleep, digestion and energy shortly after turning our menu planning and cooking over to Carly. She introduced us to so many new dishes created with the freshest and most delicious produce of the season. Our meals are now incredibly beautiful, colorful and flavorful. We have absolutely loved everything Carly has cooked for us and feel very lucky to have her positive and happy energy in our home! I just love working with her.
— Carol M., New York City

My family hired Carly to help my husband fight cancer. One of his doctors had recommended a ketogenic diet, which is very challenging. Carly planned, shopped, and cooked weekly meals tailored to this diet and our family preferences. She has the impressive ability to adapt recipes and menus to ever-changing needs.
Carly’s delicious, nutritious meals helped my husband keep his weight (and spirits) up during treatment. During his sessions with Carly, he developed his culinary skills, as well as his knowledge of ‘food as medicine.’ Carly’s work also helped the household run more smoothly, since we didn’t have to spend time preparing meals, or cleaning after cooking. We would highly recommend Carly’s Wellness Kitchen to those needing guidance on how careful cooking can address health issues. She is a bright, knowledgeable, and extremely hard-working entrepreneur, and a lovely person. We are thankful for our time with her!
— Charlotte, B., Brooklyn, NY

We had been looking for opportunities for our kids (ages 5 and 8) to take a cooking class, but we were not prepared for how amazing it would be. Carly was not only professional and prepared, but engaging, developmentally appropriate, and warm. Our kids have not stopped talking about how special and exciting it was to really have the chance to cook. One of her greatest strengths was really meeting our kids where they were at in terms of their skills and understanding. To top it all off, the meal (herbed turkey meatballs with pesto and roasted broccoli) was delicious and healthy. We have already been planning when to cook it again! Thank you, Carly! It was truly wonderful, educational, and delicious!
— Erika N., Brooklyn, NY