Nutrition Counseling

Do you want to:

  • Feel nourished, strong, and vital so that you can share your gifts with the world?
  • Use food as medicine to prevent chronic disease, supplement treatment for an illness, or manage symptoms? 
  • Prepare your body for parenthood or nourish a family of eaters with varying needs?
  • Be accountable and supported in making changes that will follow you through a lifetime?
  • Have the energy and joi de viver to fuel your passions, live the life you want, and go out to do what your meant to do?

Carly has worked with clients undergoing treatment for cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease, allergies, GI disorders, heart disease, diabetes, hormonal imbalance, depression, and anxiety. She helps her clients to feel more energized, improve digestion, sleep better, and be their most vibrant self. 

Transform the way you view nourishment, relate to your body, and engage in eating.

Carly's approach is rooted in:

Partnership - working together to uncover the nourishment your unique body needs to thrive, beginning exactly wherever you are.
You're the only expert on you.

Body Wisdom - tuning in to the language of your body, honoring hunger and satiety, and practicing flexibility and compassion.
The body knows what it needs to heal. 

Holism - seeing you in your entirety, looking at more than just the food you eat to provide holistic food and lifestyle shifts that are realistic, achievable, and sustainable for the long haul.  
Everything is connected. 

The Power of Plants - bringing more color, variety, flavor, and nutrition to the table and connecting you to the natural world. 
Plant foods are edible intelligence. 

Balance - focusing on what makes you feel your best rather than the Good and the Bad, the Healthy and the Unhealthy.
Eat to nourish. 

Transformation - reframing your health challenges into opportunities for reflection, growth, and discovery. 
Work with change rather than against it. 

The Process:

We begin with a 90-minute initial consultation to review your health history, eating patterns, relationship with food, lifestyle, cooking skills, and food knowledge. From there we work to set meaningful goals and explore the skills and knowledge you’ll need to achieve them. This session includes an individualized wellness plan, recipe packet, and personalized shopping list.

Follow up sessions are 45-minutes and can take place in person or over the phone.

In addition to counseling follow-ups, our work together can include: 

For any nutrition plan to be successful AND sustainable, confidence in the kitchen is a must. Working alongside Carly, you will master basic knife skills, learn a variety of health-supportive cooking techniques, and develop a delicious repertoir of simple, satisfying, and nourising meals. To learn more about private cooking classes, click here

Take a tour through your local grocery store. Carly will show you how to navigate the aisles, read food labels, and become a more conscious shopper.

Let's tackle the cabinets of your kitchen together. Learn what foods to toss and what foods are essential to have on your shelves. Carly will also help you identify the kitchen equimpent that will ease the cooking process and decide what is no longer serving you. When your pantry is properly stocked, you'll be able to create nourishing meals and snacks with little planning and shopping.

Carly can provide weekly meal plans, shopping lists, restaurant guides, and recipes to help support your health goals.