Personal Chef

Are you looking for a convenient way to incorporate whole, health-supportive, nutrient-dense foods into your diet? Whether you are simply too busy to cook or managing an illness, Carly can provide nourishing, wellness meals for individuals and families. Carly will conduct an initial assessment to understand your dietary preferences, health history, and wellness goals before developing meal plans to match your needs.

Carly specializes in preparing therapeutic eating plans such as paleo, SIBO, vegan or vegetarian, low-FODMAP, AIP, anti-inflammatory, ketogenic, and allergy aware diets. 

Here are some dishes that can be prepared for you and your family:

Swiss chard and goat cheese frittata (gf)
Steel cut oats with blueberry chia seed jam and toasted coconut flakes (gf, v)
Four-grain porridge with roasted maple balsamic pears and hazelnuts (gf, v)
Green power smoothie with kale, banana, avocado and pineapple (gf, v, paleo)
Purple power smoothie with blueberries, spinach, banana, and flax seeds (gf, v, paleo)
Buckwheat pancakes with fresh berries and coconut whipped cream (gf, v)

Lime marinated fish tacos with jicama cabbage slaw (gf)
Shiitake mushroom and cannellini bean burgers over sautéed seasonal greens (gf, v)
Three bean chili with avocado cream (gf, v)
Warm wheat berry and roasted root vegetable salad with braised chicken, and kale pesto (gf)
Salmon avocado rolls with carrot ginger sauerkraut (gf)
Bejewled kale salad with pomegranates, pistachios, avocado, and quinoa (gf, v)
Coconut curried Swiss chard and chickpeas with spiced brown rice (gf, v)
Soba noodle bowls with baked tofu and stir-fried bok choy, daikon, and carrot (gf, v)
Indian red lentil and spinach stew (gf, v)
Turkey sloppy Joes with sweet potatoes and garlicky sautéed kale (gf, paleo)

Chocolate coconut chia pudding with homemade almond milk (gf, v, paleo)
Nut and seed oat bars (gf, v)
Curried chickpea hummus with brown rice flax crackers (gf, vegan)

Protein-packed caramel brownies (gf)
Cardamom apple crumble (gf, v)
Banana bread with chocolate chunks and walnuts  (gf, vegan optional)
Raw cacao truffles (gf, v, paleo)